Brands Are Looking to Invest More in Mobile Marketing [IG]

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Mobile is now the preferred platform for consuming content, and users today are glued to their smartphones. News apps replaced the daily paper for the morning commute, Twitter allows users to see what’s trending, and at every event you can see throngs of people taking selfies to post to Snapchat. With so much user attention dedicated to mobile, one would assume that brands would be devoting significant resources to getting their messages onto the platform where people are most likely to see it. The reality, however, is not that cut and dry. The amount that brands spend on mobile marketing is well short of the proportional time that consumers spend on the platform. In addition, they aren’t adopting new advertising technology capabilities, such as cross-device targeting, at the rate that would be expected. Simply put: they’re not investing as much as they should.

But why is this? To find out, we surveyed over 300 agency representatives who work with leading retail, CPG, and telecommunications brands and asked about what trends they’re seeing in mobile advertising strategies. The results that we found indicate that brands are looking to invest more in mobile marketing, but are hesitant due to a number of factors such as unreliable ROI metrics and lack of mobile purchases. Brands do see the value of mobile marketing, though, and plan to invest more into their mobile strategies looking forward.

For a more in-depth look at our findings, check out our informative infographic below.

Phil Schraeder is President and Chief Operating Officer at GumGum.

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