Is Twitter Dying?

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As one of the “Big Three” social media sites, Twitter has served as a platform for political revolution, breaking news, a way to keep up with family and friends, and, of course, as a major source of branding and lead generation for organizations around the world. To give Twitter a quick health check, the social media experts at Hotwire PR looked at how engagement on Twitter has evolved over the past decade. Who better to look back at than Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass — the founders themselves? Do they still engage with their own platform?

Perhaps not surprisingly for anyone familiar with “#RIPTwitter,” Twitter’s founders are in fact using the platform less and less. Since Twitter’s heyday in 2010, its founders have steadily become less engaged, even while the overall amount of monthly users increased to 320 million in 2015. But how much do users matter in the grand scheme of things? Beyond a source of vanity metrics, perhaps not too much. For brands, social media should not necessarily be measured on how many accounts exist, but rather on how users are active on the platform.

It’s certainly surprising to see that even the founding fathers of Twitter are less engaged on their own social platform. Does it show the demise of the platform, or perhaps just a lack of interest from a group of highly influential entrepreneurs who have simply moved on to the next big thing? The next 10 years could be incredible for Twitter, but it needs to evolve dramatically and the focus from those at the helm in achieving this is paramount.


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Twitter’s 10th Birthday Statistics (Source: Hotwire’s Insights and Analysts)  

Tom Basgil is Digital Manager at Hotwire PR.

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