Brands Keep Up with Kim Kardashian’s Ass

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Kim Kardashian posed naked for photographer Jean-Paul Goude and Paper Magazine with a call to action to break the Internet. I was wary of clicking on the the tantalizing #BreakTheInternet which was trending on Wednesday. I like trending topics, but they seem to be traumatizing lately. Remember #alexfromtarget? (He tricked me.) This was worse.

Much much worse.

The people of the internet accepted challenge and spewed a plethora of memes and tweets to try to #BreakTheInternet. Well it’s not broken…yet. I hope her photos do break the Internet, so I won’t have to keep frowning at my computer screen whenever one pops up in my news feeds. I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian. (I’m glad I got that off my chest.) Hearing her speak makes my head hurt.

However, I do think she is smart and audacious when she delivers herself as a brand. She dominates social media with 25 million Twitter followers and 21 million on Instagram. She has a beauty and makeup line, clothing line, a few boutiques and her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood just made $43 million in Q3 of this year. Kardashian gets a bad rap for gaining fame and fortune without merit or talent, but she’s obviously doing something right because she has made an obscene amount of money on just branding herself.

Several brands hopped on the #BreakTheInternet ass bandwagon to siphon off some of that Kim Kardashian social media marketing power for their own gain (and mine if you’re still reading this #NoShame). With Kardashian’s provocative and stark photos, brands took more of a liking to her backside by getting cheeky on Twitter. For example:

Brands aligning themselves with content on social media is a great strategy, as more people are prone to receiving news on smartphones from social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. They get more recognition when they pick up quickly on trending topics or current affairs and spin it to leverage their own products. Brands creating a social media trend themselves is even better as Kardashian and Paper Magazine have proven. They were able to suck in the weak-willed audience like me with controversy to try to break the Internet, but instead forced us to read, write and start a conversation.

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